9th June 2020

Guaranteed ways to boost sales revenue and profitability

5 ways to increase online sales by 15%-45%

1. Allow customers to place an order on your own website address

If you link to a third party ordering website address, you’ve potentially lost your customer. For example, if you are linking to a third party software provider like this, the customer has left your website at this stage.

Bear in mind that at least 50% of your visitors will be interested in looking at your prices, and so may enter your shopping journey to check prices, but 86%-96% of customers do not order at all. This means that when you link to an ecommerce system on a different domain, between 50% and 95% of visitors could leave your website and may not come back.

When was the last time you visited an eCommerce website (e.g. Amazon) and were transferred to a different website to place your order?

Suggested solution: Use a fully integrated ecommerce engine within your own domain or at least within a securely hosted subdomain (example here). Customers remain within the website — with the same domain, and with consistent top and bottom navigation — before, during and after ordering. This reassures customers, helping to capture their first order.


2. Collect and showcase great reviews

If you don’t have reviews on your website, and don’t have good reviews on Trustpilot or Google, you could be losing 60% of customer enquiries.

Suggested solution: We recommend using a reputation management software provider to showcase reviews (example here) and collect feedback from all customers. This service is currently provided free of charge to new clients by Revenue Rocket. It also allows customers to post their good feedback to your website and, if it meets your criteria, then share it with TrustPilot, Google, or any other review website. Other similar services include paid-for services like Repuation.com, used by large enterprises with significant budgets.


3. Maximise your website visibility to reach new customers

Do you appear at the top of Google for a text search? Google ads can be expensive but provide loyalty and conversion.

Otherwise, directories or lead capture websites that appear at the top of Google for your brand name will capture potential customers and offer them a selection of your service alongside all of your direct competition!

Suggested solution: Some providers, like Revenue Rocket, offer this visibility to your potential customers across all major search engines.  As such, your direct website remains in full visibility to all potential guests before and after any orders.


4. Optimise your price offering versus the competition

Are your prices competitive? If not, customers will order through your competitor, even just to save a small difference.

However, if you use a strategic approach to your pricing, you are able to capture the client and make the margin — such as offering a lead product at a lower price to capture target clients and then obtain repeat purchase of higher-margin products and services, or trying the freemium model if a service provider.

It is critical to understand your typical average customer value p.a. and customer lifetime value in order to optimise your pricing proposition.

Suggested solution: Revenue Rocket provides a revenue management service to help you optimise your prices to drive revenue. This will provide a lower customer acquisition cost overall, when part of the marketing mix. Promotions are targeted to the specific demand you are trying to capture e.g. higher value orders, or higher propensity to spend clients, or higher actual spend clients.


5. Develop a customer retention strategy to boost profits by 25%-65%

A 5% increase in customer retention results in a 25-95% increase in profits, according to Bain.

Do customers have a reason to revisit your website? Do you offer personalised promotions, offers that change over time, and provide a login for them to view or modify their orders directly from your website?

If you want customers to come back to your website and order directly again, you need to keep them on your website when they visit and give them a reason to re-visit.

Suggested solution: Revenue Rocket offers customer retention services and campaigns free of charge from your website. Contact us to find out more

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